Babar Khan wins Sarfaranga Desert Rally 2018

Sarfaranga Rally comes to an end with no surprises and upsets. Results were predictable with Defending Champion Babar Khan as favorite to win against Syed Asif Imam. Total 76 registered for the rally from which only 44 completed the race with 7 drivers who couldn’t finish and 24 who didn’t start.
Race began with Babar Khan launching at 10:00 am followed by Syed Asif Imam at 10:04 am later joined by Nosherwan Tiwana and Fakhar Mahay. Similar to yesterday’s qualifying round, Babar Khan posted FTD 00:25:05 followed by Fakhar Mahay at 00:27:00 and Nosherwan Tiwana at 00:30:14 in Prepared A category. Unfortunately Syed Asif Imam couldn’t finish the race as the vehicle became overly heated.

In Prepared B category, Sajjad Qureshi bagged the first position at 00:29:59 joined by Sheryar Haroon at 00:33:54 and Qamar Tiwana at 00:34:53.

For Prepared C category, Sardar Hassan Sadiq came first at 00:32:04 with Abdur Rehman Joya second at 00:36:09 and Suneel Sarfraz third at 00:36:29.

Prepared D category concluded with Zafar Khan Baloch becoming the winner at 00:32:01 while Ali Waqar Waraich second at 00:40:47 and Farooq Ahmed at 00:42:14.

For Women’s category, Salma Khan was declared winner at 00:37:43 followed by Zoya Khan and Tayyaba Imran finishing at 00:40:34 and 00:42:45 respectively.

Stock A category winner Fawad Zakori posted at 00:28:48 and runner up Shakeel Barki at 00:30:54 while Wajid Tiwana at 00:32:49.

In Stock B category, Rashid Abdullah won the race at 00:30:41 with Qasim Hussain Khan second at 00:32:35 and Muhammad Irfan third at 00:34:37.

For Stock C category, Kamran Elahi declared winner posting at 00:36:06 followed by Rab Nawaz Joya at 00:36:22 and Abdul Khaliq at 00:36:32.

Stock D category ended with Umer Kanju winner at 00:39:45. Basheer Ahmed came second at 00:37:22 while Kaleem Khan third at 00:41:04.

Overall the event was timely, well organized, and a success among the spectators. Security measures were up to the mark as well. Closing ceremony was held at Serena Shigar.

Here are the official final results. More detailed results can be found at our timing portal

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