Winners of Stock and Women Jhal Magsi Desert Challenge 2018

Stock and Women’s Category for the 14th Jhal Magsi Desert Challenge 2018 battled it out on a dry and unforgiving track with 13 DNFs out of 32 participants.
Rally concluded with Jeeyand Hoth bagging in the top trophy for Stock A category at 02:28:23.
Zarain Magsi won Stock B and posted FTD (Fastest Time of the Day) coming in at a staggering 2:22:18.
Saud Majeed announced as first at 2:53:01 for Stock C.
Similar to Thal Rally 2018, Bewragh Mazari Baloch yet again won Stock D Category at 3:00:16 breaking his previous record by 3 seconds.
For Women’s category, Tushna Patel held on to her winning streak at 1:07:12 with Salma Khan as runner up.

Stock A

1-Jeeyand Hoth

2-Mansoor Halim

3-Nawaz Dashti

Stock B

1-Zarain Magsi

2-Sultan Bahadur Aziz

3-Mir Hayat Khan

Stock C

1-Saud Majeed

2-Muhammad Ali Magsi

3-Malik Babar Ijaz

Stock D

1-Bewargh Mazari

2-Liaqat Shahwani

3-Mir Zarak Kham


1-Tushna Patel

2-Salma Khan

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